Book page First steps (and creating a site)

This is a checklist of things to do once you have signed up to The ProsePoint Factory.

1. Open registration email

Once you have signed up to The ProsePoint Factory and payment has cleared, you will receive a registration email with a login link.

If you do not receive this email after 1 hour after signing up, please check your spam folder in case the email was incorrectly flagged as spam. If you still cannot find this email, please contact us.

  • The registration email contains a one-time login link. Please click on the link and it will directly log you into The ProsePoint Factory.

2. Change your password

At this point, the password for your account at The ProsePoint Factory would have been a randomly generated hard-to-remember word. The first thing you should do upon logging into The ProsePoint Factory for the first time is to change your password to something you know.

  • Click on My account and then click on Edit and enter your desired password.

You can also change other account settings as well.

3. Create a site

You probably want to create a site.

  • Click on My sites.

The My sites page presents a list of your sites at The ProsePoint Factory. At this moment since you have no sites, it should be empty. There is also a link Add a new site used to create new sites.

  • Click on Add a new site.

This will lead you to a page entitled Create Site with a form to create your new site.

To create a site, you have to supply a subdomain, choose an application (if applicable) and provide a system password. For convenience, you can opt for a randomly generated password.

The subdomain is where the your new site will appear on the Internet as part of the domain ie. if you choose mylocalnews, then the new site will appear at

You can add custom web addresses (like after the site has been created.

  • Fill out the Create Site form and click Save.

This will create a site node at The ProsePoint Factory which is a mini control panel for your new website.

Please note the actual website is not accessed through The ProsePoint Factory. The website lives at an address like The ProsePoint Factory merely presents a control panel whereby you can perform certain actions on your website.

A provisioning task would have been dispatched to provision your new website. You may have to wait a few minutes for the task to complete.

Once the provisioning task has completed, it will contain further instructions on how to install your site.

However, you may need to wait up to 20 minutes for your new site to be visible on the Internet. The site's address needs to propagate throughout the Internet and this takes some amount of time.

4. Install a site

Once your site's address is visible on the Internet, follow the instructions contained in the provisioning task to install your site.

5. Refresh status

When you have finished installing your site, you should ask the control panel to refresh the status of the site.

  • Go back to The ProsePoint Factory, view your site's control panel (ie. the site node) and click on the Refresh Status button.

In most cases, the status will come back as Online, indicating your site has been installed and is now operational.