Book page FTP, SCP and SSH access

If you need to access the filesystem for your site, you can use FTP or SCP (secure copy).

You are encouraged not to use FTP since it is insecure. Use SCP whenever possible to transfer files to/from your site.

The username is the same as your site's subdomain and the password is your site's system password.

SSH access is not enabled by default. If you require this, please file a support ticket.

Directory Structure

public_html is your webroot and the root of your site's installation. (Yes, public_html is a symbolic link but you can just pretend it is a normal directory.)

Try not to place any new files or directories in public_html in order to keep it clean and maintainable. If you are uploading files for public perusal, you probably want to upload to public_html/sites/default/files.

private is a storage area for any of your own files which are not to be accessible from the web.